it's not rocket science

really it isn't

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Anonymous asked: I imagine that when Robin calls up Chrom for a Final Smash, Chrom is pretty much teleported to the Smash Tournament. And perhaps Robin has a bad habit of accidentally calling him up right when he's in the middle of something with the kids.



asfdsgfdgdf I hate you omg I’m still laughing ahahahah

this is what I’ll see when I’ll use Robin. Dork family fighting in the nosense

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This is rape culture

Why are guys so scared of murder? Y’all should feel pride that I risked my life in jail just to fUCKING KILL YOU YOU FUKCING DOUCHEBAGS

"But not all men are like thaaaattttt!!! I’d never dooo thaaatttt!!! You’re so mad over nothing, just calm downnnn!!1!!!!!1111!!!!!"

i just threw up all over the world

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